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VP of Sales (interim)


San Francisco, California (2011-present)

Responsible for channel development and sales for a social media analytics SaaS platform, targeting enterprises and marketing/advertising agencies.

  • Developed channel and pricing strategies, sales processes, and messaging platforms, resulting in a 168% increase in sales funnel activity.


Pilot Marketing Strategy

San Antonio, Texas (2005-present)

Management consultancy identifying marketing strategies, defining product offerings and positioning, developing brand platforms, and delivering digital marketing/social media solutions for small/mid-sized businesses throughout the US.

Adjunct Professor

Texas State University

San Marcos, Texas (2011-present)

Developed the curriculum and delivered a 3-credit, upper-level undergraduate course on Technology and Marketing, covering various aspects of digital marketing, including: the history of the internet and the importance of Google; the theory and practice of SEO, SEM, and affiliate marketing;  social media marketing and platforms; and email and website UX best practices.


Senior Vice President

Campbell-Ewald Advertising

San Antonio, Texas (2009-2010)

Responsible for leading the interactive/digital marketing account services team on the USAA account.

  • Led the effort to conduct a comprehensive review of client’s email tactics, including: quantitative and qualitative analysis of targeting, creative, production, delivery, and measurement processes; and competitive and best-in-class benchmarking.
  • Identified and developed marketing strategies for client’s mobile phone functionality and social media efforts.

Director, Corporate Communications (interim)


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2009)

Responsible for internal and external communications and branding efforts, including Public Relations and Investor Relations, for this privately-held niche insurer.

Introduced social media strategies to Public Relations efforts, increasing the brand’s online presence by more than 300% and resulting in heightened media interest in the firm and CEO.

Vice President, Sales & Channel Development

ASENZ Marketing

San Antonio, Texas (2007-2009)

ASENZ Marketing – an interactive agency with a proprietary SaaS online marketing platform. Offices in Asia and North America.

Responsible for creating US and Canadian sales and support channels for the ASENZ360 online marketing platform.

Recruited sales affiliates throughout the US and Canada, negotiated resale agreements, and assisted the sales and training efforts of channel distributors.

  • Developed the channel acquisition and messaging strategy – relying heavily on social media – to enable a rapid nationwide rollout of the ASENZ360 platform, and establish the foundation for achieving the firm’s scalable growth objectives.
  • Recruited and managed a network of more than forty US and Canadian affiliate distributors in the first 12 months, exceeding channel growth objectives by more than 20%.

Vice President, Account Services

ASENZ Marketing

San Antonio, Texas (2005-2007)

ASENZ Marketing – an interactive agency with a proprietary SaaS online marketing platform. Offices in Asia and North America.

Senior marketing strategist for the agency, as well as responsible for account services and new business development efforts.

Led new business development efforts to acquire multiple new accounts, including: AT&T, USAA; Clarke-American; Allstate Insurance; Allstate Motor Club; Argonaut Group; Time-Warner Cable; Medco Health Solutions; Steel Craft Corp; and Baptist University of the Américas.

Primary account lead for additional clients, including: Sea Island Shrimp House; The SCOOTER Store; US Air Force; and Volant Technologies. Provided guidance and coaching to account executives servicing remaining agency accounts.

Executive Vice President

Gateway Marketing International

Arlington Heights, Illinois (2002-2005)

Gateway Marketing International – a full-service marketing agency launched in August 2002, with clients from industries as varied as banking and financial services; travel services; public television; magazine publishing; and a professional soccer team.

One of two founding executives, responsible for new business development, account services and financial management, growing the agency to $10 million in billings within the first twenty four months.

Led the efforts to successfully land multiple new accounts including: AAA Chicago; Allstate Motor Club; CoreComm; Prudential Financial; USAA; and WTTW 11 PBS Chicago.

Responsible for servicing most of the above accounts, as well as the GE Financial and portions of the SBC (now AT&T) accounts.

  • Ensured the growth of account revenue streams while expanding Gateway’s presence throughout its clients’ organizations.

Provided marketing strategy and creative direction to creative services staff.

Established and managed basic financial processes until a full-time CFO was hired in October 2003, including:

  • P&L reporting; managing A/R and A/P; and calculating commissions for sales executives.

Senior Vice President Marketing

Aspen Marketing Services

West Chicago, Illinois (2001-2002)

Aspen Marketing Services – the fifth largest marketing services firm in the United States, with more than 600 employees nationwide.

Responsible for account management and new business development for the $4 million SBC Communications (now AT&T) and GE Financial Services accounts.

A sampling of assignments include:

As awareness of identity theft grew increasingly large, GE Financial saw an opportunity to introduce a new service that provides consumers with an early warning that their credit information may have been compromised.

  • Aspen began by naming the product – Identity Track – and developing its logo and visual identity, then created a variety of integrated communication vehicles to acquire new subscribers, including direct mail, HTML email, website graphics and telemarketing scripts.

In order to reach its Fourth Quarter 2001 sales goals, Cingular Wireless needed to actively promote its calling plans in SBC’s teleservices sales channel.

  • Aspen developed and executed an integrated communications program – ‘Tis the Season to be Cingular – generating excitement and keeping Cingular top of mind with sales reps.

Vice President Account Services

UPSHOT! Marketing

Chicago, Illinois (1997-1999)

UPSHOT! Marketing – an integrated marketing agency that supports its clients by developing marketing strategies and brand-building promotions.

Responsible for leading the $6 million account relationship with SBC Communications (now AT&T).

Led an account management team of twelve in support of a wide variety of marketing initiatives, a sampling of which include:

While SBC’s plan for launching its new long distance service in Texas relied exclusively on traditional channels for acquiring new customers, UPSHOT’s insight was that an alternative sales channel based on the strength of the SBC brand could be highly effective.

  • Led the effort to deploy a 150 person Direct Sales force for Southwestern Bell Long Distance, creating high-visibility sales events executed throughout Texas, and supported by media merchandising, sponsorships, and advertising.
  • Over 130,000 sales orders were processed in the first six months of field operations.

With the Yellow Pages suffering from decreasing market share and increased competition, SBC needed to reinforce the completeness and immediacy of its Yellow Pages with consumers in key markets.

  • UPSHOT created and executed an integrated media merchandising and event marketing effort to demonstrate the ease and usefulness of the Yellow Pages as an idea source, and to develop a consumer preference for SBC’s publication.