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AT&T Consumer Markets Division

Marketing Director

Led a strategic initiative to migrate more than $1 billion in calling card revenue from local telephone companies calling cards to the AT&T Calling Card by the end of 1997. Developed the acquisition, stimulation and retention marketing strategies to achieve this objective.

Over 5 million new cardholders were acquired, exceeding sales targets by 25%.

Led a team of fifteen to plan and execute over twenty nation-wide programs, with an annual marketing budget of $40 million, and integrating direct mail, telemarketing, mass media and event marketing.

Achieved dramatic increases in marketing effectiveness, including a 40% improvement in telemarketing cost per sale, as a result of refinements to positioning, offer development, segmentation, and customer contact strategies.

Conceived and led an integrated telemarketing/direct Mail acquisition program leveraging “just in time” database marketing, resulting in the most successful AT&T Calling Card acquisition program ever brought to market.

  • Precision targeting and carefully researched messaging combined to generate telemarketing sales rates in excess of 80%, and 8% direct mail response rates.
  • Over 1.5 million new AT&T accounts were acquired between May 1996 and March 1997 through this ground-breaking program.