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AT&T Global Consumer Services

Marketing Strategy Manager

Provided the techniques, tools and training to enable global execution of sophisticated direct marketing programs.

Defined the Global Database Marketing Strategy, provided the strategic direction,managed a $4 million budget, and led the effort to deliver a desktop database marketing capability that allowed overseas marketers to create and execute programs, and evaluate the effectiveness and profitability of each initiative.

  • Conducted training seminars throughout the world on direct marketing and marketing effectiveness.
  • Counseled market managers in more than 35 countries on maximizing program effectiveness and ensuring measurable results.

Provided market managers located worldwide with marketing intelligence and a disciplined approach to decision making.

  • Introduced increased sophistication in creating, targeting and evaluating marketing initiatives.
  • Enabled – for the first time – informed trade-off decisions across markets and countries.
  • Improved market segmentation schema, and investigated the existence of new segments.