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AT&T Product Management Organization

Product Group Director

Responsible for developing and implementing strategies and products to maximize the revenue potential of the $175 million Away from Home product portfolio.

Formulated an Away From Home integrated strategy to stem the erosion of the calling card and operator services revenue stream.

  • Based upon customer needs and industry analysis, the Integrated Strategy espoused a holistic vision for the entire Away From Home product portfolio, and provided the framework for ensuing product development, pricing and offer development efforts.

As the flagship Away-From-Home product, 1-800 AMERITECH required extensive improvements to be competitive with similar offerings in the market.

  • Initiated various product, pricing, and offer enhancements to drive a 150% growth in revenue.
  • Led a complete redesign of the overall customer experience to improve product usability, resulting in an 80% decrease in the number of customers requiring the assistance of a live operator.
  • Negotiated an innovative outsourcing arrangement, generating an additional $18 million in revenue, slashing $10 million in expense, and providing $4 million co-marketing contributions.
  • Introduced strategic pricing initiatives, resulting in a 70% increase in revenue.