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Senior Marketing Manager – International Markets

Led the go-to-market strategies, segmentation, campaign and promotional plans, messaging, and management of $2M in media budgets.

  • Developed and executed integrated campaigns to support Vonage’s trial entry into the Brazilian market, reflecting a mix of TV, Print, Paid Search, Display Advertising, Social Media, Online Video, and Email.
    • Led the creative development and production efforts of multiple Brazilian agencies.
    • Decreased the cost of acquisition by 80% through testing creative concepts, messages and offers, optimizing media strategy by pivoting to digital channels.
    • Improved online user experience using micro-sites and segment-specific landing pages, resulting in 3x increase in conversion rate.
  • Developed and executed an integrated digital messaging/offer strategy to promote Vonage service in 34 countries, employing a mix of Paid Search, Display Advertising, Social Media, Email, Affiliate Marketing, and Partnership channels.
    • Achieved 115% of annual revenue and sales goals, delivered at 50% of the budgeted fully-loaded cost per sale.
    • Increased online conversion 7x by optimizing messaging, offers, digital media, and online user experience.
    • Executed mix of social media initiatives including a unique “Military Spouse” influencer program that recruited Military bloggers to promote Vonage.
    • Recruited and negotiated “pay for performance” partnership agreements with segment-specific organizations (e.g. Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, American Foreign Service Association).