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UPSHOT! Marketing

UPSHOT! Marketing – an integrated marketing agency that supports its clients by developing marketing strategies and brand-building promotions.

Vice President, Account Services

Responsible for leading the $6 million account relationship with SBC Communications (now AT&T).

Led an account management team of twelve in support of a wide variety of marketing initiatives, a sampling of which include:

While SBC’s plan for launching its new long distance service in Texas relied exclusively on traditional channels for acquiring new customers, UPSHOT’s insight was that an alternative sales channel based on the strength of the SBC brand could be highly effective.

  • Led the effort to deploy a 150 person Direct Sales force for Southwestern Bell Long Distance, creating high-visibility sales events executed throughout Texas, and supported by media merchandising, sponsorships, and advertising.
  • Over 130,000 sales orders were processed in the first six months of field operations.

With the Yellow Pages suffering from decreasing market share and increased competition, SBC needed to reinforce the completeness and immediacy of its Yellow Pages with consumers in key markets.

  • UPSHOT created and executed an integrated media merchandising and event marketing effort to demonstrate the ease and usefulness of the Yellow Pages as an idea source, and to develop a consumer preference for SBC’s publication.